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We also offer volume and cash discounts. For example:

  • Our posted price today (9/1/98) is $0.57/gal
  • If you purchase more than 500 gallons, you will receive an additional 2 cents per gallon discount.
  • 1000 gallon or more purchase equates to a 4 cent per gallon discount.
  • 2000 gallon purchase or more equates to a 6 cent per gallon discount.
  • Based on the above schedule, if you purchased 2000 gallons of diesel fuel on 9/1/98, your price would be only 51 cents per gallon!
Cash Discounts!
If you pay for your fuel within 10 days with cash or check, you will receive an additional 2% discount on your fuel purchase. Example: If you purchased 2000 gallons or more on 9/1/98, and paid cash or check within ten days your effective price would be only $.4998/gallon!

The above examples do not include sales tax. If you are exempt from sales tax, we must have a copy of your tax exempt form on file. The cash discounts only apply to fuel oil purchases.