Galilee Fuel Services, Inc.
Galilee Fuel Services has a unique filtering system to ensure our customers receive only the finest filtered fuel in the industry. This filtering process helps you, our customer, save money. Here's how it works:

First, our fuel is transported by truck to our facility from such fine companies as Mobil, Global Petroleum, Texaco, Northeast Petroleum and Sunoco. The fuel is then pumped into our storage tanks where any possible impurities are allowed to settle to the bottom of the storage tank. Then, the fuel is pumped out of the storage tank from the top through five 20 micron filters and a de-watering system leaving any possible particulate in our filters, not yours.

We encourage you to ask to see a sample of our fuel.

Think about how your fuel is currently being delivered. Ask your present fuel supplier how they handle their fuel! Then think about how much money you could be saving on filters, engine repairs and costly break downs.

Galilee Fuel Service also recommends that you clean out your fuel tanks at least once every year. Vessel fuel tanks are a perfect breeding ground for algae. Typically algae grows in the bottom of your tanks and breaks loose when you are at sea in rough weather ( the worst possible time)! So make sure you clean your tanks annually, and buy a clean fuel, like the fuel that Galilee Fuel Services supplies!

If you currently have an algae problem we can help. We carry a fuel additive to kill algae, however this is only a band aid approach and you must keep your tanks clean!