Motor Oil & Hydraulic Oil *Pumped*
Save Your Back!

GFS has two pumping systems designed to pump motor oil and hydraulic oil directly aboard your vessel. The service is free with the purchase of any 55 gallon drum of motor oil or hydraulic oil.

Motor Oils, Lubricants, & Supplies
Galilee Fuel Services Facility GFS Inc., has a complete line of motor oils and commercial lubricants in stock. We carry such brands as Mobil, Texaco, Lyondell and Exxon. From 1 quart containers to 55 gallon drums, we have it. If we do not have it in stock we can probably get it for you.

Free Delivery Service! Once a week GFS will deliver Free to your location (within 20 miles)
Other Supplies: GFS carries a complete line of Fram Filters, antifreeze, hydraulic oils, grease, WD-40, rags, windshield washer fluid,etc... If you don't see it please ask. Galilee Fuel Services Facility